Our Mission

Sycamore Song Nature School presents children with opportunities to develop:

  • Independence and decision making skills,
  • Environmental curiosity and care,
  • Compassion for people and creatures, and
  • Physical strength and endurance.

What we do

Sycamore Song Nature School was developed to connect young children with the natural world and to give them the opportunity to build the skills they will need to be successful leaders of tomorrow. At Sycamore Song we understand the importance of nature in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development of children. We know that when children are given opportunities to explore outside they develop:

  • Stronger fine & gross motor skills,
  • An increased ability to focus on tasks,
  • A broader sense of creativity,
  • Extended observation skills,
  • A greater capacity to demonstrate compassion & empathy, and
  • An enhanced ability to ask and find answers to questions.

how we grow leaders

True leaders emerge and change happens when learners are given a sense of involvement and ownership. Sycamore Song Nature School creates opportunities for involvement and ownership by implementing the following qualities into every day:

  • Hands-on activities,
  • Investigational approaches,
  • Out-of-classroom experiences,
  • And child-directed learning.

When these qualities are part of an educational approach, the outcome will be higher-performing students, improved test scores, and the development of high quality personal characteristics.

in summary

At Sycamore Song Nature School it is our great joy to get children, ages 3-6, outside jumping, digging, running, climbing and playing with the natural world.  They’ll be having so much fun, they won’t even realize they are creating a foundation of strength, resiliency and compassion that will serve them and the communities they touch throughout their lives.

“Ours is a learning tree. Through it we learn to trust ourselves and our abilities.”
— Unknown