Paddle to Shark Tooth Island

It is so amazing to see the physical strength that young children are capable of. Aksel paddled to Shark Tooth Island all by himself today at the sweet young age of 3 years old. Of course we brought friend Brett with us, because life without Brett is no life at all! These two buddies had a great time paddling in the cove together and swimming in the river. Aksel asked Brett if he wanted to swim to Keg Island. I told him he needed to stay close to Shark Tooth Island, but there is no doubt in my mind that one day down the road, these two will swim to Keg Island together and to who knows where else!!

A fun fact that the boys discovered today: Crabs can climb trees, just like we can!

A Walk in the Drizzling Rain

What a great day to go exploring! It was a little drizzly, but we never used our rain jackets. The weather was plesant; about 78 degrees F and 85% humidity. We saw a Blue-tailed skink, several dragon flies, 2 toads (Fowler's Toad's), a Banana Spider with only 5 legs, an Osprey flying low above the river, 3 Red Headed Woodpeckers and 4 Cardinals really close to us! I was shocked at how quiet my boys were! They were totally in awe of those bright red and brown birds! Declan realized that the brownish cardinals are the females and he said that it is good that the girls are brownish so they will be protected. We ate lots of Muscadine grapes and climbed a bunch of trees!

Loved being alive today! Life is better outside!